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Harlem Shake

This has over 35 million views! I think is really funny and creative:) I hope you guys enjoy it:)


2 thoughts on “Harlem Shake

  1. This video is so funny! When I watch each clip, I always think about how so many people took the time to be involved in it. Like the one in the office has about 20-25 people who are participating. But I actually never understood how this movement started or why they do it. It’s just fun to watch people going crazy.

  2. This video is hilarious. My mom walked into my room she said, “I thought that you were supposed to be doing homework”, I said, ” I am.” She came and sat down on my bed and watched the video with me. I said, ” this is a video about Harlem shaking mom” she said, “ok, I don’t know what they doing, but I like it though.” LOL. It made me want to make my own video. One of my good friends from high school made one, of him and his 6 sons. It was hilarious, but I had never seen another video. So, when I saw this video it made more sense to me. Thanks for the laugh.

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