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Weather Preference


One thought on “Weather Preference

  1. Warn weather is kinda cool but when it turns into hot weather it tells you that a heat wave is coming and if a heatwave is coming it potentially means that heat stroke and heat related illness’s are possible and likely plus it give you a lot of time off school in the summer and go swimming.
    However, I prefer the cold and the dark to the summery sun. I think it stems down to the fact that I would prefer to be cold and try and get hot, than be overly hot and try to get cold… if you follow. I like really cold weather because you get more time off then summer because of the holidays and special events that are going on and of course i can’t forget about the white stuff that falls from the sky which is called snow, i an a piratical snow lover and i just love snow days. snow days actually gives you a lot more time off of school whether if it 2-5 days due to a snowstorm or a really bad blizzard and dangerously really cold below 0 temperatures.

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