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Relay For Life…Lets Help Out!

In 2010 my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 70. He fought the cancer for a year and sadly passed away in September of 2011. His death made me want to get involved in finding a cure for cancer. Relay For Life is the main volunteer-driven cancer fundraising event of the American Cancer Society . It is the largest non-profit fundraising event in the world. Relay For Life has raised over 3 billion dollars since it was established in 1985. Aside from raising money, the organization celebrates the lives of those who have battled cancer and it remembers those who have died because of it. This organization fights back and encourages people who are battling cancer. The events are hosted anywhere a track can be found . Groups of 8 to 15 people are formed to make a relay team. It is an overnight event and the groups camp out where the event is taking place at. They each take turns walking, jogging or running on the track, ensuring one person of the relay team is always on the track. This event can last up to 24 hours and several fun events are involved in it. Three of the main events are the Survivors Lap, the Luminaria Ceremony and the Fight Back Ceremony. This is not just an organization to donate too but also to get involve and meet people who are struggling with cancer. Please find it in your hearts to donate or get involve in these event. I have placed the link below to their website so you can learn more and donate to this organization. The cure is out there, we just have to do our part and work hard to find it.



3 thoughts on “Relay For Life…Lets Help Out!

  1. Hello Sandra!

    With all sincerity, I would like to share my condolences to you and your loved ones for the passing of your grandfather. It’s unfortunate to lose a loved one due to a disease and even more when its a disease of slow and silent anguish. Cancer can be of the worst to treat; cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy happen to be of most suffer-able, distressed, and devastating medical treatments. Whether its a child, young adult, or senior suffering from cancer, its unfortunate to witness the health obstacles they encounter and or lose a loved one to cancer. A loss is a loss at the end no matter the age. At the end, events such as deaths; can possibly impact our life positively like in your case, you joined Relay for Life to contribute positively and reach out to others with cancer. I as well, joined Relay for Life. It’s my second year volunteering with the North Hollywood/Studio City Relay. Know we are informed, we share a cause- cancer.

  2. I know your pain Sandra and my condolences as well. Its terrible to have a grandparent taken away from you and there’s nothing you or they can do about it. 70 is still young also. My grandmother was diagnosed with with lukemia when she was 94. It came out of no were and she as well as us had no idea. Luckily we had a month or so to say goodbye before she pasted away. She lived a long and exciting life, see was a very liked lady as well.

    She had here funeral service at the giant church on Highland right near Hollywood. The entire church was filled to the brim. There were even people standing up in the back. She had every kind of person you can think of speak on her behalf. The pastor who had baptized all here children made a beautiful speech that didn’t leave dry eye in the building

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