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Spicy Shrimp

I love to eat sea food specially shrimp. I have a quick and delicious recipe for a spicy shrimp dish.With school and work many people do not have the time to cook but this recipe is fast and easy.You will need the following ingredients:

1 pound of large shrimp

2 tbs of butter

3 cloves of garlic

6-10 dried red chilli peppers

salt and pepper

1 cup of ketchup

cilantro for garnish

Wash the shrimp with cold water. I personally like to leave the shell on so that the sauce sticks to it and you get more flavor but it is up to you. Chop up the garlic and place it in a hot skillet with the butter. Season the Shrimp with salt and pepper and cook them with the butter and garlic. On a separate pan toast the dry chilli peppers. I like my shrimp real spicy so i use about 10 chilli peppers. If you do not eat much spice you can use about 6 dry chilli peppers. They toast really fast so be careful not to burn them. Once you toast them place them in a blender with about half a cup of water and season with salt. Pour the contents of the blender in the skillet with the shrimp. Stir them and add the cup of ketchup. The ketchup adds sweetness and balances the chilli flavor. Stir the shrimp until they simmer. Serve over white rice and garnish with come cilantro. Make sure you have a glass of water and enjoy:)



6 thoughts on “Spicy Shrimp

  1. All man spicy food is the best.There is no better feeling that having your sinuses free and your mouth on fire. The shrimps look delicious as well. I could eat spicy food all day there is something about the heat that makes the food go down nicely. Of course it is not all about the heat cause if the flavor is not kicking it doesn’t have the same kick.

    I keep looking back at the picture and it keeps reminding me of how hungry i am lol. I will most definitely give this a try.Thanks for sharing and i am sure a lot of people will be happy they read this post as well, i mean who doesn’t love food right.

  2. That sounds and looks amazing! I love cooking but unfortunately I have never made a real shrimp dish even though I love eating shrimp. I will definitely try your recipe! Normally I either make chicken, steak, or salmon and I have a few recipes of my own, but I’ve been wanting to expand on my cooking variety and learn a good shrimp dish so this definitely helps. Thanks for the tips!

  3. This sounds like a great dish. I will have to try it sometime. I do like spicy food too. I have been starting to cook now when I have the time. I just do not enjoy the clean up after cooking lol.

    The ceviche you made for the culture day was really good. You really are a great cook. If you ever get the chance or are into it I think you should open up a little restaurant. You have a gift and it should be shared not just with your family but with others.

  4. Thanks for the recipe. I will try making spicy shrimp this way or hope they make them like this. I also like all kinds of seafood and just thinking about it, I am getting hungry. Cilantro is one of my favorite ingredients in food, it adds so much taste and flavor. I’ve ran into people that don’t like spicy food, but not me. I’ll have some spicy food anytime.

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