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Transitioning and Being a Veteran


My name is Sandra Chavez, I am 23 years old and I just finished my four-year contract with the Marine Corps. I am excited to be attending school now as a full time student. This is my last semester at LAVC, and next semester I am going to be attending CSUN to obtain my BA in Accounting. These past four years for me have been a roller coaster. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 in efforts of Operation Endurance Freedom. The things I have done and experienced in those four years I would never trade for anything in the world. Those experiences have made me who I am a today. I am determined to obtain my degree as fast as I can and open an organization to help the less fortunate. I do not know exactly what I want the central objective of the organization I open to be, but I feel God will make that clear for me as time passes. I feel that if I am successful so will all the people in my life because I will help them as I progress in life. I am a very giving person and my actions and ideas reflect that. This transition out of the military has not been an easy one and God knows I still have my moments were I feel lost but there are people out there helping me through the process. If there are any more veterans out there that feel like me I would like to know what you do to help this process.


7 thoughts on “Transitioning and Being a Veteran

  1. Hello Sandra!

    Would like to thank you for serving our country. Seems to be that you are a determined woman, keep up the hard work.You have accomplished good deeds and am sure you will be rewarded for it on the long run. Congratulations! You are one step closer to pursuing your bachelors in accounting. It’s very interesting that you have decided to run an organization to support others. You would not surprise me if years from know, you have your organization because you seem to be a person who would contribute rather than work for self purposes.

  2. Being in the same class with you brings me such emotion when I think how brave and strong you are. It is hard for me to even imagine the love and passion you have to travel so far to face the war. To leave your loved ones behind and fight and to stand up to terrorists must make you feel so fulfilled. You passion is the ideal example of freedom for the strong and for the weak. Your character is why this country wants a life to others without oppression.

    Sandra, I think that you truly represent what the word hero literally means “Someone who behaves selflessly, at considerable personal risk and sacrifice, to comfort or empower others and to make the world a better place.”

  3. Hi Sandra!
    I’m really impressed with the courage you found in yourself to go to Afghanistan and serve there. I wouldn’t believe that 19-year-old girl can make such a step if I didn’t see your pictures. I can imagine how your parents are proud of you. Speaking about parents, how did they react when you told them about your decision to sign a contract with the Marine Corps? And how did you come to this decision? It is very interesting, because since the day I read your blog, one question was in my head “Who/what motivated this girl to serve in a military, especially in Afghanistan?”
    I’m also very happy to meet caring and dedicated person like you. It is very rare nowadays, which so sad. I wish we had more people, who care about people around, not only about things around them. I think if more people could devote some of their time to help those who are in need of it, life would get brighter. Because what goes around, definitely comes around! It is a chain… Thank you Sandra for being who you are, and good luck in everything!

  4. I know it’s not a easy task to serve and especially to adapt to every day life when you come back home. Many of my friends had a tough time adjusting for the life you live while you serve has different rules. I see a lot of veterans who need help and support. You a very strong person and that’s definitely a major asset. It was a good choice to go back to school and I hope you accomplish everythin you plan and desire.

    Creating organization to help people in need is definitely a noble cause, but also remember that you as example motivate more people then realize. Most people have everything they need to succeed and by looking at you, they can start to believe in themselves. I think thats the major goal. Thank you for serving our country!

  5. I would of never expected you to have been part of the military. In today’s world, you don’t see that many females that are involved in that field. But thanks for your service to our country. I’m jealous of the benefits that the military has provided you. It makes me want to join haha.

    You seem to have your life on track. Keep up your determination to succeed and i believe that you will. I have about 2 years under my belt as far as education goes so we’re close to the same point. Two more years and we’ll finally have a degree. Can’t wait.

  6. First and foremost important I think you, my family thanks you, for serving our country. I am sincerely amazed in all you have accomplished in your years in the service and your dedication to your education. I think its important for future generations to have such great role models such as yourself to show that it all can be done. I think especially for my daughter, as I tell her about the interesting and marvelous women I meet with such great accomplishments as yourself.

    My daughters father is also military and so I have had some insight on your transition from what I have experienced with him. When I met him he had just finished his four years with the marines and was transitioning into civilian life. He too had feelings of being lost. It took him a while to adjust to being home, but after a year or so it seemed he was more adjusted. Unfortunately, we were pretty young when we had our daughter and so it didn’t work out. He doesn’t live in California, but is very active in our daughter’s life (they are so much alike). We have formed a deep friendship and as we see it we are just a bigger extended family. Funny thing is he returned to the military after our separation, this time to the army. He again did his tour, iraq and all, and again has made the transition. This time around it seemed a bit more difficult. He saw a lot out there and being a medic meant hands on with trauma’s. He did the required counseling recommended on return, but I think it was hard on him with seeing little kids hurt, made him think of our daughter. I have great respect for all you guys who make this committment. Again, I thank you.

  7. You are very brave and motivated. Everyone does not have the courage to just leave home and go to war. I would have have never guessed that you were in the military, especially the marines corp. Even tough it was a difficult experience, I can see that you enjoyed it.

    What motivated you to become a soldier? How did the people close to you react?

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